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The Next Scan ® (English)

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You are consultant, trainer, coach, HR-advisor, change manager, manager or professional.

Working with teams and organizations is your passion. You enjoy guiding teams in their development. It’s beautiful to see all dynamics linked to organizational development come along. Working climate, clear goals, shared vision and values, personal development of colleagues, organizational structures, ways of communication. Aspects that all have the potential to speed up, slow down or prevent team development.

Do you know that feeling that a team needs a change if they want to be able to make a next step together? We developed a scan to facilitate you in starting the change process.

What is The Next Scan?

The Next Scan © provides a scan of an organization which identifies the current situation as a team or as an organization with regard to the development of that team or organization, the desired situation, and the steps necessary to get there.

The scan covers four key areas of organizational development, which are subsequently divided into 16 categories. The current development stage will be identified for each category according to the development stages described in the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux. The four key areas are: Culture, Personal development, Organization and Behavior.

The result

  • Insight regarding how everyone experiences the current situation in the organization.
  • Insight regarding what the desired situation for the organization looks like.
  • A list of priorities and actions, defined together, which are necessary to move in the desired direction.

Duration of the game

Reserve a morning or an afternoon to play the game. This allows time for worthwhile discussions to take place. The game consists of 3 rounds that each last one hour.

Organisatiescan, The Next Scan - Engels

What’s in it for you?

  • Help to create a better world by realizing 21st century proof organizations and teams: simple, flexible, purpose driven, self-organizing and based on trust.
  • Generate new business by using The Next Scan © .
  • Use The Next Scan © as a pragmatic tool to realize effective organizational development.
  • Generate profit by selling the Next Scan © yourself. Get 20% for every Next Scan © box that you sell.

The Next Scan

About Starfish21

Organizations and teams are always developing. And that’s a good thing! The world around us is constantly changing and within organizations, too, changes happen on a daily basis. Improved processes, new employees, di­fferent leadership styles; you name it. It’s changing.

At times, it can be quite challenging to align organizations with the outside world, and to take the time to keep up. Are you interested in staying on course and in doing the right things? Then it’s important to be aware of current developments in areas such as organizational culture, processes and systems, personal development of employees and leadership behavior.

Starfish21 is your partner in organizational development.

We make organizations Fit for the future

The result is Great for business

The effect is Life-changing for people

More information?

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Please feel free to contact us! You can send an email to or you can call us: +31628020113 (for the Dutch & English version of The Next Scan ©) or +32477246644 (for the French version of the Next Scan ©).

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What others say about The Next Scan ©

  • “The next scan: beautiful to determine together what the common purpose is and whether everyone perceives this the same way. Focussing on that purpose makes it possible to take steps  towards the desired situation. It is great to take time to listen to each other and to deepen someone's thoughts in order to get clear on where you currently are as a team.”

    Saskia van der Meij
    Saskia van der Meij Omgevingsdienst IJmond
  • “The Next Scan: It deliberately makes you reflect on a great amount of cases within your organization, and the game helps you to do so by a set of simple questions. Within an hour you will have a vision of your own organization.”

  • “The Next Scan: In August we have done this scan with our department and since then we actively take steps together. We keep each other focussed, we use each others talents, and we have clarity about our added value. Our capacities are being put together to work towards our main goal. We would like to repeat the game annually. It has created conversations that had not come up before. We really 'put the fish on the table' right now! The dynamics, energy and clarity starts to flow. Did I forget something?”

    Rinske Hofman

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The Next Scan © English Edition

The Next Scan, board game with instructions included. Play it right out of the box with 3-6 players. Now including free workshop (normally €200)!

The Next Scan © French Edition

The Next Scan, board game with instructions included. Play it right out of the box with 3-6 players. Now including free workshop (normally €200)!

The Next Scan © Dutch Edition

The Next Scan, board game with instructions included. Play it right out of the box with 3-6 players. Now including free workshop (normally €200)!